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NOTICE -- For many years ‘Red’ Beckman’s book sales were handled by Common Sense Press. This was a private, unincorporated company owned by ‘Red’ Beckman and his family. Now State and Federal government agencies, in collusion with the banking interests, have made it difficult to maintain our business as Common Sense Press. We can still process personal checks to M. J. ‘Red’ Beckman but we would prefer money orders or cash. PLEASE do not make checks payable to Common Sense Press – Constitutionally Yours – M.J. Beckman
M. J. ‘Red” Beckman would encourage every patriotic American to become informed. Books by M. J. ‘Red’ Beckman are available as listed below.

  • The Law That Never Was - $35.00 + S/H

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    Liberty is not free but it is a bargain compared to the cost of slavery. In the United States of America today, we pay for our slavery with tax audits, assessments, levies, and seizures, with imprisonment and with fear. Mankind has been tormented and plundered by tyrants throughout his tenure on this planet. These tyrants have made proclamations, issued decrees and written statutes in order to bleed the people of their productive and creative powers. The tyrant uses this power to become an uncontrolled monster. The people are the only source of power for any governmental official, so, it is of utmost importance that the people limit the power which they give to anyone who would act in that capacity. The survival of people and their nation depend upon their resolve to enforce these limitations.

    The productivity of this nation is being plundered by tyrants employing a perversion of true law. The material in this volume is the documented evidence of the betrayal of our trust and confidence by governmental officials. Tax-consuming public servants have been administering and enforcing a law which existed only because no one was paying the price of liberty. Our nation has become a victim because we have slept.

  • Born Again Republic - $6.00

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    Fear of the I.R.S permeates our society. Our government consumes over half of the wealth provided by our productive people. The hard-working citizen is forced to pay and pay as government becomes an insane monster.

    We, the people, did this to ourselves. The I.R.S. has no power to send a taxpayer to jail. The people are called for jury duty and it is the guilty verdict of that jury which gave the I.R.S. its power to terrorize and abuse.

    Can we find one good, informed and hard-headed citizen on each and every jury who will say 'NOT GUILTY', 'NOT GUILTY' until he either hangs the jury or educates the rest of the jury?

    Will you vote on the jury to protect your fellow citizen from bad law written by dishonest politicians? Will you vote yourself free of fear and big government? Your vote on the jury is your most important vote. Vote for 'We the People'.

  • Why The Militia - $8.00

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    This book is dedicated to the GREATEST LIVING AMERICANS. It was Tax Protestors who gave us the Declaration of Independence, fought and won, the War of Independence, gave us the Constitution for the United States of America and the Bill of Rights!!! WE, THE PEOPLE, have experienced history repeating itself. Political outlaws, cut from the mold of King George III, have used propaganda and lies to conduct a quiet revolution. Our lawful government has been subverted and changed. We now have a Feudalist-Socialist political system.

    Modern day Tax Protestors will not be recognized as AMERICAN HEROES by historians, until our lawful government has been restored. The future holds the secret; will lawful government be restored in an orderly process, or will the MILITIA line up again on the town square?

  • Walls In Our Minds - $4.00

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    A nation of intelligent people will not trust government with their rights, wealth, and future. They will secure their inalienable rights by maintaining an efficient, honest, and powerless servant government.

    A nation of people, who believe politicians' lies, will be forced to pay for an inefficient, corrupt, and authoritarian government that will confiscate rights, wealth, and mortgage the future.

  • The Church Deceived - $6.00

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    "The Church Deceived" is a book written to shock and awaken a sleeping giant. If the giant is awakened, then perhaps it can be confronted with a message and a choice. If you are involved with the religious segment of our society, this book was written for you and your consideration.

  • Videotapes

    L.A. Lawman - Fully Informed Jury (1993 - Beckman) - $20.00

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  • DVDs

    Know Your Rights - Use Your Power (2007 - Beckman & P. Shannan) - $10.00

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  • Booklets

    Pocket Constitution with Jury Handbook (an excellent booklet) - $2.00

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